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Me Made: Maternity Dress and Cocoon Cardigan

I treated myself to a new maternity dress. I was getting to the point wear I only had a couple of skirts or dresses that I kept rotating and getting tired of. I love this style because it works when I'm small and as I grow. I LOVE this bright coral color. I'm not quite sure if it's my color, but I love it anyway and I feel happy whenever I wear it. 
Me Made: Maternity Dress and Cocoon Cardigan
I used the Pina Dress and Top pattern by Megan Nielsen. It's a great pattern. It was really easy to make. I wish I could've made longer sleeves, but I used every bit of the fabric that I could. I didn't have a lot to begin with. The only thing I don't like about this style is that it's tight around my arms. I even lengthened the elastic that I added to the sleeve hem, but it's almost uncomfortable. It still works though and I've worn it a lot already. I also lengthened the hem a little for warmth and modesty.
Me Made: Maternity Dress and Cocoon Cardigan
This is a great style for nursing after I have the baby. I'll wear it with a nursing tank, so it'll give me options other than only wearing skirts and tops.
Me Made: Maternity Dress and Cocoon Cardigan
For the cardigan I crocheted it using a free cocoon cardigan crochet pattern. I would never have sewn or purchased this style of cardigan, but crocheting it made it very appealing. I do like wearing it; it's like wearing a warm blanket that's actually cute. I can wear a long sleeve shirt with this cardigan and stay fairly warm even in freezing temperatures outside. I used a basic gray chunky yarn so it crocheted up pretty fast. I just enjoy crocheting a couple of projects whenever it's cold. (I still need to finish a sweater for Claire that I started before she was born! Maybe this winter.)
Me Made: Maternity Dress and Cocoon Cardigan

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  1. LOVE the dress. The color looks great on you. And it will be a great staple for after the baby gets here as well. (And what is the deal with the sleeves always having elastic in a maternity dress/shirt? And the elastic was never big enough!)
    I am going to have to check out that crochet pattern. It looks so cute. And comfy.
    I also love that these pieces fit into your wardrobe ideas. They will match and go with many things. Well done!


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