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DIY Fleece Christmas Decorations

I am really into kid-friendly or kid-touchable Christmas decorations this year. Both of my kids are at stages where they want to be involved with what I'm doing and they want to touch everything. Instead of fighting this curious stage, I decided to embrace it. Even though fleece is my last choice of fabric, I used some beautiful fleece from Hancock's because it is soft, easy to clean, and kid-friendly. I used some Christmas tree fleece and some Christmas woodland creatures fleece to make some winter decorations that the kids can touch all they want. I made a tree banner to hang, some stuffed pillows, and some DIY Christmas ornaments.
DIY Fleece Christmas Decorations
The tree fabric is my favorite and I love seeing the trees hanging from the window. I hung it in the kids' room to make it feel extra festive. They love having their own decorations to enjoy. We also set up the mini Christmas tree with all the fleece ornaments in their room which they can take off and on as much as they'd like.
DIY Fleece Christmas Decorations
I stuffed one tree to see what it'd look like, and I think it's quite adorable. Claire loves hugging it and carrying it around. It has kind of become the toys Christmas tree. I used the fleece leftover from the woodland creatures fleece to make a little floor pillow for the kids to play with. They love snuggling it, jumping on it, throwing it, etc. It's held up really well to a LOT of tough play. And the little animals are just so cute!
DIY Fleece Christmas Decorations
What kid-friendly Christmas decorations or ornaments to you have out this year?
DIY Fleece Christmas Decorations


  1. Santa has brought us the tins that are ornaments that usually include a couple of
    Hershey kisses the last couple of years. So this year the kids were excited to open the bag up and use them to decorate their trees. I found their trees a few years ago, outdoor trees for $10 for 2 of them. This way I don't care if the kids redecorate or what. But I won't be sewing since I did something to my machine. I had great intentions of finishing the Christmas dresses from last year. Guess not so much anymore! Maybe I just wanted to give myself a break.


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