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Sewing for the Girl: Lace Trimmed Sweatshirt

Claire has needed some warm layers for playing outside, so I made her this cute mustard and lace sweatshirt. I actually finished more than a month ago, but just barely got pictures and a post done! I love a good sweatshirt and have tons of girly ones pinned to my sewing for girls board. I decided to use some remnant mustard sweatshirt fabric from Joann's as the base. I love the color, and it looks great next to all the yellow leaves.
I used the free raglan sweatshirt pattern by Shwin and Shwin for the base. I just altered the neckline and hood a little bit. Instead of having the hood meet in the center I cut a slit in the neckline and added a little facing. I was worried about getting the sweatshirt on and off Claire's head. I also added some vintage ivory lace to the shoulders. I think that's my favorite detail.
I just sewed the lace in rows starting at the armpit and going up to the neckline. I had the perfect amount of lace because I didn't have anything leftover. I also added topstitching around the neckline and hood.
I wanted to use something fun for the hood lining. In my scraps I found some pretty tan jersey with metallic polka dots. It goes well with the color of the lace and keeps the jacket in a mostly monochrome look. When I first put it together I sewed the hood on with the lining on the outside. At first I was going to leave it, because I really didn't want to unpick and sew it again, but it bothered me every time I saw it. I really resewed it and am really happy that I did.

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  1. I love everything about this sweatshirt. I need one in my size now! That is a treasure, and so adorable!


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