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Sewing for the Girl: Basic Tees and Jeans

Claire has stained a lot of her tees and is about to grow out of them, so I whiped up a couple of new basic tees for her along with some basic jeans. All the tees were made from adult tees so they came together really fast (no hems!). I used the Bimaa Sweater pattern for the tees in size 12 mos, and I used the free 18 mos stretch jeans pattern from Running with Scissors for the pants. I love the pants pattern and used it a lot for Henry. I'm still deciding how I feel about the Bimaa pattern. It's a great pattern, but I haven't decided if it will become one of those that I use over and over again.
The first tee was from an short sleeve adult tee that had a hood so I decided to keep that detail. I cut the sleeves out as long as I could, but they're still short sleeves. I wanted something warmer for Claire, but this will have to do. Claire kind of looks like a baby gangster when she wears the hood; it's hilarious. The pants are made from some remnant animal print denim from Joann's remnant bin. I got it a year or two ago knowing they would become skinny jeans for Claire. The fabric has no stretch so I added some width so she'd still have room to move. I only did a little bit of topstitching on the pants because you can hardly see it with the busy print.
The next tee was from a striped adult tee with half sleeves. I also cut these sleeves as long as I could, so they are 3/4 sleeves on Claire. I did the neckband on the bias which gives it a really cool detail. I love the basic stripes, and it goes with a lot of her wardrobe.
The pants are a true red stretch denim. It's a remnant from Henry's red skinnies. I love this fabric. It's so easy to work with and has great stretch with great recovery. I did lots of topstitching with red jean topstitching thread. I also added some machine stitched hearts on the back pockets.
This black tee had half sleeves, but I was able to get long sleeves out of them for this tee. They are even a little long so I cuff the ends. I love this tee because it's basic, but it has subtle clouds and stars printed on the front.
For the jeans I used some gray stretch twill that I've used for skinny jeans for me. I had over five yards of this fabric, so I still have a little leftover! Maybe Claire will have another pair of skinny jeans next winter from this fabric! I used pink jean topstitching thread and love the pop of color. It shows my mistakes, but it was good practice for me. I added two diagonal lines to the back pockets for a fun detail.
The great thing about these pants and tees is that they pretty can all be mixed and matched. I realized that I really love making things that can match with lots of different items.

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