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Me Made: Gold Velvet Maternity Pencil Skirt

I was inspired by some fellow bloggers to sew a few holiday items this year. I have some black non-stretch velvet that I wanted to make into a pencil skirt, but I can't really wear non-stretchy right now. I was really caught up on stretch velvet, so I decided to just go BOLD. I picked gold stretch velvet. Gold can work for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and any work or church parties. I really love the color, and the fabric is so warm.
I'm sharing a fantastic list of handstitch hems over at Craftsy with some handstitching tutorials. I used the list to choose the perfect handstitch hem for this skirt. I found that there's a great handstitch for stretch fabric. It's takes longer than the regular twin needle hem, but it really looks nice. It's basically invisble! I didn't mind handstitching when I'm watching a show with my husband. Stretch velvet is a tad transparent so I lined the skirt with a brown cotton spandex jersey.
I love the fit of the Erin Maternity Skirt pattern, and I want to make more. I like having fitted clothing when I'm pregnant so that I don't feel so tent-like. This skirt is very comfortable and will stretch through my whole pregnancy.
I really can't wait to wear this skirt for dressy Christmas events! It's so fantastic, and I LOVE the gold velvet fabric.


  1. Looks beautiful with the navy too. Fab maternity style so true you don't want to feel like a tent haha!

  2. No way!! You just look AMAZING! When they were talking about pregnancy glow and stuff they were talking about you. I just got the big nose and the fat ankles. Love the skirt!

  3. You look gorgeous! Great job!

  4. this is awesome! Great choice!

  5. You look amazing heather! You make pregnant look good! Congrats on your baby😘

  6. That was an inspired fabric choice. Suits you all the way up and down.


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