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Me Made: Fur Vest and Metallic Dotted Maternity Tee

I have been making a couple of maternity clothes for this pregnancy. I went through and cleaned out a bulk of my old maternity clothes that don't feel like me. I really want to have a maternity wardrobe that I love just like I want to have a regular wardrobe that I love. I made a couple of maternity tees one of which I'm showing you today. I also made a fur vest which I can wear no matter what size I am.
For the fur vest I traced my pink quilted vest instead of using a pattern. I just skipped the collar and added a bit of width to the sides to accommodate the fur. I used a gorgeous faux fur fabric from Hancock's which isn't available online anymore but this faux fur is similar. It's black underneath with khaki tips. It's a great color because it can match with black, brown, gray, and bright colors. It shed like crazy when I cut it and sewed it. It has a really long nap. I even used a comb on all the seams to "comb" the hair out. I used a gray knit for the lining.
For the tee I used the Cara Maternity Tee Pattern which I've used lots of times. It's a great pattern, and I'm glad I have it in my stash. I added a band to the neckline because I like the look better. I used a knit interlock with gold metallic dots that I found in the remnant bin at Joann's. It was less than a yard so I really had to be careful when I cut it out. I had to cut some extra panels at the shoulders to make it fit. I cut the sleeves as long as I could with the limited fabric I had. The dots are really tiny and subtle which I love. But they are glittery and metallic too so it could easily be dressed up. 
I can't wait to wear the vest with dresses or skirts for holiday parties. I also can't wait to wear it casually over sweatshirts. I just love lots of layers. The tee is so versatile; it'll be great to mix and match with. The maternity jeans are regular colored jeans cut low with a maternity band added. I really wanted something colorful to break from the regular maternity jeans I have.

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  1. LOVE the shirt. I need a non maternity shirt pattern like this. Although I think you have already recommended the union street tee. And the fabric is so perfect. I agree about having a maternity wardrobe that suits you as well as your regular wardrobe. I have loved following along on your adventure in making/finding your wardrobe. It has made me think about what I really want, and what I will really wear. Just because it is cheap doesn't mean it is worth getting. I have put back several items just because I am not sure that I will really wear it more than twice. :) Your shirt is one that will get worn again and again!


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