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Sewing for the Girl: Baby Polka Dot Joggers

My cropped polka dot joggers were starting to get holes at the seams, so I retired them and made some cute little joggers for Claire. I love the polka dots that I fabric painted on, and I was happy to be able to reuse the fabric. I used a baby legging pattern and added 3/4" to each side of each leg. I didn't add any length because that was added with the cuffs and waistband. 
I was nervous with how they would turn out because it was all a guess, but they are great. The legs are a little tighter than I would have liked, but luckily they aren't too tight. The cuffs are almost too tight, but I like how it keeps her pants at her ankle instead of falling under her foot.
I cut them out so that I could reuse the pockets (slightly shortened and width taken out), the elastic in the waistband, and the little bow on the waistband.
The are cute and warm for winter with a bit of growing room so she can wear them all winter. Hopefully, she doesn't stain them right away! Her graphic tee says, "Messy hair, don't care" which I made for her and dyed since she stained the front. She's growing out of her 12 mos shirts, so I need to make her some new tees!
I also cut two inches off the bottom of her hair a couple of days ago since she always has a big tangled nest on the back of her head. I'm hoping the shorter hair will help a little bit.


  1. They grow up too fast! But the joggers look so cute on her. I am right there with you on the hope the kids don't stain that. My son got a bloody nose and stained one of my me mades. Haven't gotten the blood all the way out yet.

  2. i love the look, with the joggers and the shirt.

  3. Love the outfit and that you could save the pants!


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