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Sewing for the Boy: Night Sky Pajamas

Henry was in need of some pajamas. Pajamas are great because they are fast, and it doesn't matter much how well it's done. I thrifted some star woven fabric a couple of months ago and immediately knew they would become perfect pajamas. I love the print, but there was only a yard. I barely fit these from the fabric. I used a bunch of scraps to finish is, and had to use a basic woven navy for the neckline facings. I used the free 4t pajama pattern from Shwin and Shwin. I just made it short sleeves and short pants because that's all the fabric I had.
I skipped the collar on the top because I didn't have enough fabric. It looks a little bit like a hospital gown, but it is pretty big on him. It just makes it extra comfy for sleeping. He loves pointing out different stars and moons on his shirt and pants. 
I added a cuff to the sleeve hem and cuffs to the shorts hem, so I didn't have to hem. The shorts are large like the shirt, but I put only a little bit of elastic so they stay on Henry's waist. 
The fabric is very soft which makes it's wrinkly whenever I wash it. Good thing it's just sweet pajamas!


  1. I want those for me to wear! That fabric is awesome. So pretty. And what a fun thing for a little kid for bed time. Now if only those stars glowed!

  2. First polka dots and now stars!! Love all of it. :)


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