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Sewing for the Boy: Arlo Pants

When I tested the Arlo pattern by See Kate Sew, I made some shorts that Henry wore all summer. I also made him some pants that at the time were too long, but they fit him great now. They're a great pair of Fall pants for him. I'm always surprised when I make something for Henry that I think is just okay; I don't except him to like them or wear them a lot, and then he wears them any chance he gets. These are one of those pairs of pants.
I did a size 4 length and a size 2 width for these pants. I used a ponte knit for the main part of the pants and some remnant jersey for the front and back panels. I think Henry loves these pants because they are so comfortable.
I took these pictures last week the same day I took pictures of Claire's tiny dotted jogger pants. I don't think I've seen the kids happier to pose then when they got to pose together for this picture. You can't see it, but they were giggling and laughing so hard.

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  1. Love that they were having fun in their mama mades. So nice that you can customize for them to fit them perfectly!


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