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Leather Diaper Bag and Matching Leather Wallet Clutch

I made myself a new diaper bag. I'm a little bit crazy to make another one, but I had to because the zipper on my last one broke! Luckily, I had started this one so I only had a short overlap of using one with a broken zipper. I really hope this is the last one I ever make, and I REALLY love it. You can read all about my process in this Leather Diaper Bag Tutorial
What helped a lot was that I had previously made the pattern, and that I took my first Craftsy class, 20 Essential Techniques for Better Bags (affiliate link). I don't usually recommend spending money, but I do like the idea of improving myself and my skills. I mean, I wasn't very interested on paying for classes, but now after taking two I love it. I can take the classes whenever I want, like during naptime, and in short increments. I love that I can go back and watch it whenever so I never lose what I learn. I don't have to frantically take notes while I'm "in class", and I don't have to get a babysitter to go to class. 
Leather Diaper Bag and Matching Leather Wallet Clutch
Anyway, let's talk about this bag some more. As you just read, I love it. It's been so great already. I would say it's a little too stiff, but I hope it loosens up as it wears out. I haven't made a whole lot of bags or studied them, so I don't feel as confident with bags as I do with clothing. I am happy with how this bag turned out, but I got a lot of help from the class.
Now that I have a new diaper bag, I needed a new wallet to go with it. I wanted a leather wallet that would fit in the back zipper pocket of my diaper bag, but that would look good (or like a tiny purse) if I were to use it by itself. I loved my necessary clutch that I made, but it's really starting to look worn out and dirty. I love everything about that wallet except that it's SO thick. I wanted something very similar, but very thin so it would fit in thin pockets. I came up with an envelope clutch with a long cross-body strap. The strap clips on and off, so I can take it off whenever I want. It has a magnetic snap to keep it closed. 
Leather Diaper Bag and Matching Leather Wallet Clutch
It has two large flat pockets, a zipper pocket for coins and lipstick/chapstitck, and six card slots. I love that it's tiny and can hang over my shoulder. The one thing I'm sad about is that I didn't add enough structure. As I said before, I'm not great at bag-making; it's something I'm still learning. I feel like I either add too much structure or not enough structure. I might go back and add something to stiffen it.
Leather Diaper Bag and Matching Leather Wallet Clutch
Leather Diaper Bag and Matching Leather Wallet Clutch
I love that it fits nicely into the back pocket. It makes it a tad hard to get to when I'm wearing the backpack, but I know it's always safe. And hopefully it'll take my kids some time to find where I hid my wallet. Claire LOVES to take all my cards out and try on eat my chapstick/lipstick.
Leather Diaper Bag and Matching Leather Wallet Clutch

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  1. I love your new diaper bag. Looks so great. I love the colors. You did a fabulous job on it. I keep going back and forth on if it is worth making a bag for myself when it is almost cheaper to buy one and then buy another.
    Your wallet is so clever. Way to go you. I wanted to make myself a wallet, but chickened out and ordered a Hobo wallet off of Amazon. I adore my new wallet. Good luck keeping Claire out of your chapstick!


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