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I have lots of finished sewing projects that I just can’t get around to taking pictures of. Sometimes that’s all that holds me back from sharing my finished items. They’re starting to pile up so I might have to do outfit pictures to be able to share them faster. Anyway, these are the patterns that I love. I use them over and over and over again (or will). These are great, free and purchased, and I would recommend to anyone.

1. Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Pattern

I have used this pattern more times then I can count. I don’t even think I’ve tagged all my posts every time I’ve used it. Here are just some of the times I’ve used it. Buzz Lightyear costume, star tee, graphic tees, zip-up hoodies, dinosaur tee, and colorblocked striped tee and scallop neckline tee.
My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)

2. Mini Hudson Pants Pattern

Technically, I’ve only used these twice (sweater hudsons and zipper leg hudsons) so far. Henry grew out of these pretty quickly so I cut them into shorts, and he wore them all summer. Luckily, I have plans for two more for this winter because I love the fit and look of these pants.

My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)

3. Tree Climber Trousers Pattern

I love the style of these pants and the extra strength at the knees. I’ve made tan moto-inspired pants, gray dress pants, two black dress wedding pants, and green Christmas jeans. I just lengthened his tan pants, black pants, and gray pants, so they’ll last hopefully through this winter. I also have one pair of gingham shorts that I haven’t photographed yet.

My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)

4. Mulberry Tunic Pattern

I made two of these (a gingham tunic and a chambray tunic) last year that Henry wore to church every week. I recently made two long sleeve tunics that Henry can wear all winter. I’ll blog about those eventually.

My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)

5. Free Baby Leggings Pattern (6 mos, 9 mos, 12 mos)

I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the versions photographed of all the baby leggings I’ve made for Claire. This is the best pattern. There are some free leggings patterns that go up to larger sizes, but we haven’t needed larger sizes yet. Claire still fits into the 12 mos size. Some of these that I made last winter will still fit her this winter. I’ll probably make more though because a girl can never have too many leggings! Gold leggings, polka dot capris, striped leggings, heart leggings, floral leggings, and aztec leggings.

My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)

6. Free Small Fry Skinny Jeans (size 2T)

I really love this pattern and need to buy the version with multiple sizes. Surprisingly, Henry still fits in the 2t width and I keep adding length to the legs. He still wears these upcycled jeans and these other upcycled jeans. I’ve also made striped skinnies, red skinnies, and yellow shorts. I’m planning on using this pattern for jeans for Henry this winter.

My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)

7. Free baby shoes pattern

I have made tons of baby shoes for both of my kids and for friends and family. My recent favorites are the fringe sandals and bow baby shoes. This is probably my most re-used pattern.

My Favorite Kids Patterns (Purchased and Free)


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