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Me Made: Quilted Vest and Joggers

I'm slowly starting to put together my Fall wardrobe. I've been sewing a whole bunch for myself and the kids. I think I have a clearer vision of what I want and what I like which really helps my focus and determination. I don't know if I'll get it all done, but I think I started early enough to get the bulk of it done. Luckily, the kids don't need a whole lot and I mostly need layers and warm items. Anyway, I finished a quilted vest and some more Hudson pants. (I'm also wearing my polka dot Union St. Tee (affiliate link) that I cut the sleeves off, so I've been wearing it all summer.)
I've been wearing these pants a ton already. I love them, and I love an extra day of not shaving. I love the Hudson pants pattern. I made these out of a slightly striped interlock fabric and black rib knit for all the details. I was worried that the fabric had too much brown color in it, but my sister and these pictures confirm that they are gray. They are a great basic comfortable pants. I love wearing the comfort of pajamas but looking like I actually tried to get ready.
The vest was inspired by the fabric. I got this pink quilted diamond-embroidered remnant at Joann's just like I got Claire's quilted vest fabric. I love the quilted vests I've been seeing on Pinterest. I don't know if I'm behind or ahead of the trend, but I knew it would be a great layer to add to my wardrobe. It's a little bit sporty, casual, and preppy. The remnant was really tiny so I had to to cut it out on the crosswise grain. I barely fit it all in. The inside collar is even pieced together because I didn't quite have enough fabric. And the pockets are pieced together too.
I used the McCartney Jacket pattern that I won in a giveaway. (I'm planning on making a cute jacket soon; it's already cut out!) I used a zipper up the front and white piping for all the edges. I really love the white piping. It was a lot of work, but it makes the embroidery pop.
I had a hard time deciding on the lining. I wanted to do a flannel lining to give it extra warmth. I was going to do some boring lining, but I LOVE this little town flannel fabric. It was also a remnant, and I've been saving it for Claire. But I love it and decided to use it for myself. It makes me happy every time I see it, and it'll make me happy every time I wear it. The lining is so cute! I'm excited to accessorize with it all winter!
Do you love the quilted vest trend?


  1. The last vest I wore was a puffer vest. I think I would like this quilted vest idea much better. Lots better. And I love the choice of lining fabric. And thanks for sharing that the base was the McCartney jacket. I have that pattern, and love the idea of making more than a jacket with it. Now to start thinking outside of the box on my patterns!

  2. There's a quilted vest trend?! I need to make myself one. And my sister will be very happy. She's been sporting her vest since the 90s. Hehe

  3. There's a quilted vest trend?! I need to make myself one. And my sister will be very happy. She's been sporting her vest since the 90s. Hehe

  4. Why don't my hudson pants look that good!?!? How heavy is that interlock? It looks super stable.

    1. It's a very stable interlock. It's a great fabric. I like using sturdier fabric rather than stretchy light fabric. I've made three from sweatshirt fabric and love how stable, warm, and non-transparent they are. I'd love to try using stretch terry for some hudson pants.


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