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Kitchen Hamper and Oilcloth Tablecloth

I added some fun toddler-friendly "decorations" to my kitchen. They aren't really decorations, but my kitchen just needed a little brightening. Especially since we're about to go into dark winter where there's a lot less light in the evenings. (Dang Daylight Savings Time.) Anyway, the first thing I made was a elastized wipeable tablecloth. If you'd like to make one you can learn how to sew a wipeable tablecloth that can't be pulled down over on the Craftsy blog. I used some oilcloth* I ordered from fabric.com. 
The yellow stripes just make me so happy. And I LOVE easily wiping up kid spills. It makes wiping the table so easy and nice. I love the background it gives to pretty placemats which we only get out when the kids aren't around. If you're interested you can read about my DIY chair covers.
I used the leftover oilcloth from the tablecloth to make a little kitchen hamper that hangs on my oven. We needed something because our diy cloth napkins need a place to go (along with all our other towels and rags that are constantly wiping up spills). I used the rag bag tutorial from Sew a Straight Line. I promise my children aren't messy heathens; they are just regular children and I try to let them be children.
It matches the pretty yellow lemons from my toaster cover tutorial. These yellow things make me happy every time I walk into my kitchen.


  1. What a great reminder to let our kids be kids. I don't know anyone whose kids are heathens, but I do know that my kids make messes. And they are pretty good at getting something to wipe up said mess. And how clever are you to make a place for them to complete the clean up by putting the rag/towel where it needs to go. Such a smart mom!
    Love the table cloth. Makes me wish we had a table to decorate!

  2. Love the table cloth idea...I need one of those!

  3. I love the kitchen hamper idea!


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