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Simple DIY Napkins

I almost didn't post this sewing project. It seemed kind of simple and boring and not something anyone would be interested in. But then I realized this is my life. It's not perfect and posed and matchy-matchy. I did stage the photos, but this isn't my first choice in edge finish or fabric. This is just regular life and that's what should be shared online.
My son has gotten to the point where he needs a napkin at every meal. I just don't want to buy paper napkins because we'll go through them so fast. So I chose some cherry gingham fabric from my stash that I would only use in the kitchen and cut them up. Then I serged the edges and rounded the corners. They are all about 12"x12", but some are a lot smaller or weird shaped.
This doesn't match my kitchen colors, but I don't really have kitchen colors at the moment. There has been and will be too much transition, so I'm just not worrying about it at the moment. These napkins were easy, quick, and they do the job. And now I don't have to worry about stains which are sure to come because I didn't use a favorite fabric. I made about sixteen, and I do a load of wash every day so I plan on washing the dirty ones everyday to keep up with the demand.
These napkins will be perfect for somewhat messy open peanut butter and honey sandwiches. My son only eats them open which makes them messier than a closed sandwich, but now we have napkins. I laughed when I gave my son his napkin, and he set it up like a placemat. And so the teaching begins.


  1. Haha, kids are so funny the way they eat. But as long as it is somewhat healthy and they eat it all, who cares? I totally thought this fabric matched, I mean didn't you have some lemon stuff in your kitchen? I think fruit is a great idea for a kitchen.

  2. I loved your post. It doesn't matter it isn't a perfect sewing project, I too feel the need of doing more and more of what we need instead of just the beautiful things. Please, keep it real as you are, that's for sure what I love the most about your blog. I should be making a few of these too.

  3. I loved this post! I never thought of giving my 2yr old a napkin, but it's genius - he always complains about getting sticky peanut butter and hommus on his fingers. Now to find some time to make them.

  4. We switched to cloth napkins last year - it was a great idea. We do so much laundry so it's easy to throw the napkins in too. And we go through a lot of napkins with two boys...
    I love this post and the realness of it :)


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