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Sewing for Kids: Upcycled Zip-Up Hoodies

I'm so excited for fall! I'm ready for crunchy leaves, layering clothes, and pumpkin everything. I'm starting to get ready for cooler weather because I want it to come right away and because I don't want to be blindsided with no warm clothes when it does cool down. And these hoodies were so simple because I upcycled two adult hoodies which cuts down the sewing time. These came together so fast, and so far my kids like them.
I used the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee pattern. (I love this pattern and have used it tons!) I have upcycled hoodies before, but if you'd like a tutorial check out the 30 minute hoodie refashion over at One Little Minute. I first cut it out too long and luckily checked it before sewing it. I shortened it a little and now it's the perfect length. The sleeves and body circumference are much tighter than I'd like, but I hope he won't get any wider in the next year.
Henry really loves the jacket, the stripes, and the guitar zipper pull. Let's hope he wants to wear it when it cools down. I used an adult jacket that I thrifted, and it still had the tags on it.
For Claire I used a hoodie that my sister used to wear. She loved it, but it was too short in the body to be wearable. Aren't the little whales so cute? I also used the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee pattern for Claire. I forgot to check the length on hers so the body is WAY too long. It reaches down to her knees! I'm so glad that girls can wear sweatshirts dresses so that it's still wearable! It might fit her for two years instead of one because the sleeves are a little long too. Maybe my problem is that I think she's bigger than she really is because she acts so much bigger than she is. (Don't you love her cute little Nike shoes? Henry used to wear them and now it's Claire's turn. I really love seeing favorites passed down between siblings.)


  1. I love Claire's. It looks so cute on her. And the possibility of wearing it for more than just one winter is awesome. Henry's turned out so cute. I like the stripes, because it can be something that can be passed down. Amazing what great finds you get at the thrift store!

  2. These are perfect! Now I want to make one. Boy boys need a hoodie for fall too :)


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