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Me Made: Floral Union St Tee

I made another Union St. Tee (affiliate link). Skip over this post if you don't want to see it. I truly love this pattern. I love that you can make it tight or loose. I love the different sleeve lengths and two different neckline choices. This is definitely my go to choice for a tee, and since it's printed out and put together, I'll keep making it forever. If you want to see my other versions here they are: long sleeve polka dot tee (I shortened the sleeves for the summer); lace v-neck, graphic v-neck, half sleeve v-neck; and a basic white v-neck and striped v-neck.
Me Made: Floral Union St Tee
I loved Teresa's upcycled graphic tee version. I've been wanting to make one ever since she did. I still haven't found a great tee to upcycle, but I did find this pretty floral tee. I used the scoop neck to cut it up for a perfect fit. I reused the hems and the neckline. I love reusing what I can and saving time!
Me Made: Floral Union St Tee
The floral print is so pretty, and the fabric is so light and soft. I love it, and it's already been in high rotation. Yay, for quick items that get worn a lot!
Me Made: Floral Union St Tee


  1. I love that fabric. So pretty. And I totally understand about a go to t-shirt pattern. Especially when it is already printed/traced/cut out and ready to use. Simple and easy sew, with almost instant gratification!


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