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This year is the 150th anniversary of the book Alice in Wonderland. I’m very excited to be joining the tour; you can see all the other bloggers joining in at the end of this post along with a fantastic giveaway! 

When I was thinking about my inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, I first wanted to make fabulous outfits or throw a really fun party. Then I came across the quote, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” It made me stop and think. I want my kids to have big imaginations and know that I want them to use them. If they come up with an idea, I want them and me to try it out. So I changed my plan.

Watercolor Wings with Kid Watercolored Fabric

I decided to freeze some food coloring in ice cube trays. Then I cut one yard of muslin fabric and laid it out in a giant tub. I threw the food coloring ice cubes on the fabric and let the kids play and draw on the fabric. It was a hot day, but it still took some time for the ice and color to melt all over the fabric. (I decided to use food coloring because it was safer for the kids and I don’t plan on washing the resulting fabric.)

Watercolor Wings with Kid Watercolored Fabric

The kids really enjoyed playing with the color and the ice. It was so fun to see them experience ice melting and coloring their own fabric.

Watercolor Wings with Kid Watercolored Fabric

Once the fabric was completely dry, I cut out two wing shapes from the fabric. I also cut out the wing shape from a very stiff sew-in interfacing and some batting. I sewed the lace around the edge of one watercolor fabric wing. Then I layered the watercolor fabric with lace, the other watercolor fabric, the batting, and then the interfacing. I sewed around the edges with a small seam allowance and left a place for turning.

Watercolor Wings with Kid Watercolored Fabric

Then I turned the wings right side out and topstitched around the edges to close the hole and make the lace stand out. Then I did some simple quilting to give the wings some details. Lastly, I added two elastic shoulder straps for wearing. The straps are much too long for Claire, but they are perfect for years of dressups. Whenever I see it, it’ll remind me about having adventures with my kids and helping their imagination grow.

Watercolor Wings with Kid Watercolored Fabric

Here’s the giveaway entry! There will be 2 winners that will each receive 7 patterns! 

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Watercolor Wings with Kid Watercolored Fabric
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