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Me Made: Two More V-Neck Union St Tees

I've made four Union St. Tees(affiliate link) and I love them. They are the shirts I reach for almost everyday. I even shortened my long sleeve polka dot one, so I could wear it all summer. I realized I needed some more in my life. I seriously want to wear one everyday. It's all I want to wear. So I sewed some more so I can wear one almost everyday. These fit perfectly into my thoughtful wardrobe.
The first one I made is just white. It's a soft jersey that isn't too thin, so I don't have to wear anything underneath. (I hate when I have to wear more than one layer in the hot summer!) I altered the pattern by raising the neckline just 1/2" so it's not as easy for little hands to pull it down.
I also lengthened the body length by about two inches. I just LONG shirts. I love half tucking them and not tucking them.
Then I made a gorgeous blue striped vneck tee. It's an even softer jersey, but it's not transparent either.
This one also has a raised neckline and a lengthened body. It's just perfect. I have trouble with my twin needle hems coming undone even when I tie them off. Do you have trouble with that? How do you fix that?
I think this is one of my top five favorite patterns. I could see myself sewing these for myself for the rest of my life. In all my favorite colors and all the basic prints like stripes and dots.
By the way Henry took these photos for me and either cropped off my head or my feet. He loves helping me and he now loves making up his own poses. Aren't his poses the best? My favorite one is where he's laying on the ground facing away from the camera. He is just the silliest and tries to act so grown up.


  1. I want your white shirt! The neckline is perfect, I like layering but hate it in the summer.
    I hate using my twin needle because it does that all the time. I haven't found a way to fix it. Mine will skip stitches, or just plain not work as well. My solution is to do a small band and then topstitch over that. If I pattern match well enough you can't tell. Plus on some of my softer knits/lightweight knits, the added weight holds the shirt down.
    Good luck and share when you find a solution. :)

  2. I want 20 of these! exactly my style and perfect for summer. Looks great!


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