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Sewing for Boy: Striped Arlo Shorties

I recently tested the Arlo Shorties and Knit Pants sewing pattern. It is a fantastic pattern and so fast to sew up. I love the fit and the look. I made a pair of shorties and a pair of pants. The pants are too long so Henry will wear them this Fall. The shorts fit him perfectly now, and they are now one of his first choices for clothes to wear.
I cut up a lightweight sweatshirt for these shorties. They are so soft and look so comfortable. I used the ties from the hood for a tie around the waist. Henry has to have it tied tightly to keep them from falling off. But he loves having that little detail on his pants. And he also loves wiggling his knees in and out. It's hilarious!
I struggled a little with the construction because I don't read instructions very well. I usually skim them, but then I run into problems when it's something I've never sewn before. Once I read them carefully, they were so easy to put together. I love a fast construction with a satisfying finish at the end. Especially since they're so loved by Henry.
The best is yet to come!

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