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Lion Quilt

I decided recently that I wanted to sew Henry a quilt for his bed. He's in a twin bed but hasn't had a twin sized comforter. I knew it was time for a step up for him. I wanted to spend the least amount of money on it because he didn't need anything fancy or expensive. The only thing that I purchased was the batting and basting spray. Everything else was from my stash. I really love the detail of the quilting stitches. I tried to make them so that the lion face would stand out.
What really makes my heart go pitter patter is the striped bias binding. I almost didn't do it because I wanted to preserve any striped fabric I have. I just love it so much but couldn't get past the fantastic idea of a striped edge. I'm really glad I chose it.
I just made a tan lion face with a brown mane, blue eyes, black nose, and blue sky behind it. I had to do a bunch of piecing and rearranging to make the colors that I have work.
It fits perfectly on his bed and matches his navy bedding. My quilting isn't perfect. I used a solid brown flat sheet for the back, but there's all sorts of tucks on the back. I don't have a lot of patience for quilting and making it perfect. So we'll just not look at the back very much. The front is what counts, right? I hope it lasts a long time because it is pretty cool.
The kids couldn't not get in the pictures. They are so used to posing and being in pictures that they jumped in happily. Or laid on the quilt.


  1. WOW! It looks gorgeous! Well done. And I bet that is a treasure for Henry for the rest of his life.

  2. The first thing I loved was the striped bias binding as well!! So great! I also love Henry and Claire on the quilt.


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