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Me Made: DIY Chambray Button Up Shirt

I have had this button up shirt cut out since the last shirt I made, the Ikat button up shirt. I've just had so many projects to work on and then I lost the drive to make it. But I finally hunkered down and finished it. It surprisingly doesn't take that long to make a basic button up shirt. I'll have to remember that in the future when I want to make another button up shirt.
Me Made: DIY Chambray Button Up Shirt
I bought some gorgeous polka dot chambray fabric* from fabric.com. (Sorry, it's not available anymore.) It is gorgeous fabric and a dream to sew with. I just love, love it. And I love this shirt. I forgot how many buttons go on the front of a shirt and I should've added one or two more. I'm slightly nervous that it'll gap a little at my bust, but I can't change it now.
Me Made: DIY Chambray Button Up Shirt
I like my button up shirts really long, almost like a tunic. I like to wear them with leggings or tuck them in which both need extra length. I used the long sleeve blouse pattern and added length to the sleeves and the body. Besides that I didn't alter that pattern at all. It's a great pattern and I can see myself using it multiple times in the future. (I was melting in these pictures. It was only 9am and already over 80 degrees.)
Me Made: DIY Chambray Button Up Shirt

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  1. Gorgeous. It turned out so awesome. And I love the fabric you chose. It is definitely a closet staple. And yeah, gotta love this awesome weather. So hot!


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