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Wall Decor for Kids' Rooms

We moved the kids into the same bedroom a couple of weeks ago, so I'm slowly starting to decorate their room. It's going to take me awhile to decorate. I kind of like to decorate slowly and let it come together. I'm going with turquoise, navy blue, and a coral/pink color for their room.
What I have so far is a turquoise striped curtain and framed letters above their beds. The curtain goes perfectly with Claire's mint bed skirt. (Read about the owl quilt or the patchwork memory quilt.)
Wall Decor for Shared Boy and Baby Girl Room
I also have a turquoise lamp and an alphabet picture. (I'm still working on framing it.) It's above the reupholstered rocking chair and a bookshelf filled with stuffed animals and books.
Wall Decor for Shared Boy and Baby Girl Room
I'm leaning towards an adventure theme. I just ordered a wooden elephant clock which I've wanted something similar to since Henry was born.
Wall Decor for Shared Boy and Baby Girl Room
Now I want to put something next to elephant clock, but I haven't decided yet. I'm just loving the art over at Minted. I'm leaning towards a big picture Fly Away With Me to go along with adventure. Or I'd like to personalize it with a Super Imagination and a Circus Pony. Both of the custom paintings are great examples of my kids' personalities. I'm having a really hard time deciding between a big hot air balloon or two smaller personalized paintings.
Wall Decor for Shared Boy and Baby Girl Room
I also got caught up in looking at Minted's new Save the Date cards. There are some really awesome ones! I'm passed planning a wedding, but I couldn't helping looking through them. I know they are for weddings, but I think it might be cool to use them for a child's baptism or a child's special event like that. They are easily customized so you can use it for anything you'd like!
Other things I'd like to make for their room: a really great twin sized quilt for Henry's bed, frame the alphabet picture, do something about the rug.
Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but I was offered credit to link to some of my favorite prints.


  1. Those prints are gorgeous. Any of them would be fantastic in your kids room! What are you looking for to frame the alphabet with? A walnut frame would look gorgeous and make the letters pop. I am super spoiled. My hubby makes me all the frames I want. He likes wood like I like fabric. :)
    I am slow at decorating as well. My kids haven't had window treatments in a long while. I finally figured out what I want to make and put up, now it is just taking the time to do it! I can't wait to see the finished room.

  2. I love how you keep things real in your blog. You don't have a magazine worth decor to share, but most of us don't either. I am also really slowly working on my kids room. I want to do a colorful polka dot wall and that's what's been keeping me from having it ready. These ideas are great. Keep them coming.


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