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Upcycled: Vest

Not only does my son love being and looking like daddy, I love using my husband's old clothing for my son. I love seeing Henry look like a mini man and gets so excited to wear daddy's clothes. My husband had an old vest that he hasn't worn in years. I've been keeping it to one day upcycle it for Henry. I was just waiting for him to grow big enough to make it work. This upcycle is great because the buttons and buttonholes are already done!
Men's Vest
Sewing Supplies*
Vest sewing pattern - I used the free Waistcoat pattern from Barmy Beetroot.
1. This pattern already has the seam allowance drawn in, but if yours doesn't then draw them onto the pattern.
2. I decided to reuse the front placket area and the bottom hem, but you can reuse whichever two sides you want. I was able to reuse the the pockets along with the buttons and buttonholes. Let the seam allowances hang over the two sides. 
*Make sure no buttons or buttonholes are in or really close to the seam allowance. One of my buttonholes was much too close to the edge so I had to unpick it and mend it. Don't make the same mistake that I did!
3. Line up the center back of the pattern with the center back of the vest. Let the seam allowance hang off the end.
4. Construct the vest as directed by the pattern instructions.
Then let your boy revel in his new look just like daddy! He'll look so grown up and so dapper with his new vest. It's even cute with a t-shirt and shorts. Henry is wearing an upcycled v-neck tee.

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  1. Love it!! How awesome is it when you can save those welt pockets?!


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