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Upcycled: Two Pants From One Shirt

One shirt or one pair of pants has tons of fabric. Way more than I realized until I started working on this series. Did you know you can make two pair of pants from one button up shirt? It might be a little cliche but I love having my kids match. Or at least coordinate. So making them pants from the same shirt was just too adorable!
Adult Button-up Shirt
Sewing supplies*
Harem pants pattern - I used the free Harem Pants Pattern from Suburbia Soup
Baby pants pattern - I lengthened my free Baby Shorts and Bloomers Pattern
Harem Pants
1. Cut the shirt open along the shirt side seam and through the sleeves.
2. The harem pants pattern need to be cut on the fold. Fold the front of the shirt along the center of the button placket. Line up the hem as closely with the hem as possible. The hem will be angled so you'll just have an angled hem.
3. Fold the back of the shirt in half and line up the pattern on the fold and with the hem.
4. Sew the button placket closed.
5. Construct the pants as directed by the pattern.
Shirt Sleeve Pants
1. Cut the sleeves off of the shirt. If not already, cut open on the seam so it can be opened flat.
2. Lay the pattern out on the sleeves. Use the cuff as the hem.
3. Construct the pants as directed by the pattern.
I love the details on a men's button up shirt. Henry's harem pants even have a pocket for all his treasures. And the cuffs on Claire's pants are so adorable.
The happiest of siblings
Now what do you do with some of those leftover pieces from what you've cut out? Use Dana's turban headband tutorial over at Sew Thrifty!

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  1. Well those are adorable. You don't see many fresh ways to use a dress shirt these are great!


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