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Upcycled: Skirt to Toddler Dress

Sometimes you buy that super cute skirt because it has a cool print or it's a cute style, but after you take it home you realize you don't really wear it. It's too short or too long or too blue or too bright or too loose or too tight. There's just one or two things wrong with it that makes you never wear it. Well take those woven zippered skirts that you never wear and turn them into a dress for your toddler girl!
Sewing supplies*
Woven dress pattern - I used the free Caroline Dress pattern from Shwin and Shwin

1. Draw on hem allowance.
2. Fold the skirt along the zipper. Line up the center back of the pattern on the zipper fold and the drawn line with the hem. As you can see I got to reuse about half of the zipper for the center back.
*Tip: When cutting through a zipper, pull the zipper tab all the way to the bottom of the zipper to keep it from coming off.
3. The toddler size lined up great with this knee length skirt. It fit right in between the waistband and the hem.
4. Do the same with the front (not pictured) by lining up the drawn line with the hem and lining up the center front with the fold.
5. I thought I would have enough hem area left to cut out short sleeves along the hem. I didn't though so instead I flipped the skirt upside down and cut the sleeve out with the waistband as a sleeve cuff. It was the perfect accident and makes cute cuffs for the dress.
6. Construct the dress as the pattern instructs.
Instead of making a dress, make a super fast baby circle skirt with Dana from Sew Thrifty. Perfect and easy for babies!

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  1. Love this dress. And you are so right, sometimes you think it will work, you will make a skirt/shirt/scarf work. And then they don't work. :) But giving them new life as kids clothes makes it all better, you didn't waste money, just saved money on kids clothes. So smart!


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