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Upcycled: The Easiest Backpack Ever!

Little kids love backpacks. They love carrying around their special items and feeling so grown up. My son loves feeling like daddy with a backpack or like he's going off to school like a big kid. It's so fun to see them carrying around their toys and books. And here's a sewing tutorial to make the simplest, easiest backpack ever from an adult tee! Just imagine the logos you could have on your backpack!
Adult T-shirt
Sewing supplies*

1. Cut off the tag.
2. Cut a rectangle around the neckband and shoulders. I cut my rectangle 14" x 14" leaving the shoulder seams and neckband intact.
3. Cut the hem off of the bottom of the shirt.
4. On the back of the neckband, cut two small slits. Use a safety pin to thread the hem "string" through the slits and through the neckband. Pull it through so it's equal on both sides. Tack it in the center front to keep it even.
5. Lay out the hem "strings" down to the bottom of the rectangle. You might need to cut them a little bit shorter if making the backpack for a small child. 
6. Tack the hem "strings" near the corners.
7. With wrong sides together sew around the edges with 1/4" seam allowance. Curve the edges and connect to the shoulder seams. Trim to 1/8".
8. Turn the backpack inside out and sew at 3/8". That's it; you're done!
Now you can make lots of simple backpacks for your kids! Wouldn't it be a fun birthday party gift?! You could use some really fun t-shirts with fun logos. I could see a bunch of superhero shirt backpacks all in a row.
There's a wonderful free baby dress sewing pattern at Sew Thrifty today! It's so adorable and fun! You can't miss it!


  1. I love this! Thank you for the great tutorial. I a going to have to make one of these for each of the kiddies for our summer outings!

  2. So clever! What a fun idea for a birthday party, have all the kids bring their favorite shirt. Or a youth group, for girls camp to carry all your camp books in. So smart!


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