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Upcycled: Basic Tee Hems

One of the most basic upcycles is to use an adult shirt to make a child's shirt. It is fun and quick and satisfying. I really dislike sewing hems. It's often the last step in constructing a garment, so I feel finished but there's that one short, nagging thing left to do. If I can skip hemming, I do! In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to reuse the hems of an adult t-shirt.
Sewing Supplies*
T-shirt Pattern - I used the free tee shirt in the Day Camp Set from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

1. I like to draw in my hem allowances very first. Then I know where to line up the hemlines of the pattern and the shirt. Draw the hem allowance on the front, the back, and the sleeves.
2. Cut along the side seam of the shirt through the sleeve.
3. Fold the shirt along the center front. Line up the center front of the pattern with the fold of the shirt. Also, line up the hem line with the hem of the shirt. Pin and cut out.
4. Do the same for the back.
5. Fold the sleeves in half and line up the hem allowance with the hem of the sleeves. Cut out each sleeve.
6. This pattern came with a pocket piece so I cut out a pocket along the leftover hem. (I drew on the hem allowance and let that hang over the hem.)
7. Cut off the neckband and cut it in half.
8. Fold the neckband in half and line up the pattern. (I use the least amount of the back of the neckband as possible because it's harder to unpick.)
9. After cutting the neckband the right length, unpick the shirt fabric to separate it from the neckband.
10. Construct the pieces as instructed in the pattern skipping the part about hemming the shirt.
11. Once I'm done sewing I like to tack the seam allowances at the hem towards the back. It makes the ends look good and tacks the serging down.

Yay, for quick, simple, easy, and great looking tees for all summer long!
The pocket's stripes fit perfectly in between the shirt's stripes. It was a happy accident which often happens while upcycling!
Learn how to maximize your garment over at Sew Thrifty! And share any upcycle inspired projects with the hashtag #upcycledkid!

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  1. You know I have never thought to count out the seam allowances when I am doing hems. But that said I am usually trying to reuse hems on my girls shirts, so for me any extra length is always great in covering their bums!


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