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Upcycled Baby Shorts and Bloomers: FREE Pattern!

I've got a treat for you today! Now that it's hot most days, I'm ready for baby legs. Meaning I'm ready for shorts and bloomers for Claire, and I'm sure she is too. (Or she's just ready for swimsuits all day long.) I love bloomers and Claire wears them as shorts all the time. I love bloomers paired with tunics. But I also love some basic shorts to go with her basic tee shirts
Both bloomers were made with tee shirts. The denim shorts were made from cut offs of pants. The white shorts were made from the hem of a white embroidered tunic.
Hem area of pants, shorts, or a tee shirt

1. Tape pattern together and cut it out. Line up the bottom of the pattern with the hem of your shirt or pants. For bloomers option: 2. Cut two strips of elastic for the hem 8" for 3 mos, 9" for 6 mos, and 10" for 12 mos.
3. Use a safety pin to insert the elastic into the hem.
4. Do not pull the elastic all the way through. Pull it until the end lines up with the end of the fabric.
5. Tack with a straight stitch.
6. Pull the elastic through to the other side and tack end.
Both options: 7. With right sides together pin and sew both curved sides of the bloomers. For knit fabric sew with a zigzag and for woven fabric sew with a straight stitch.
8. With right sides together sew the inseam together. It's a short seam. Sew through the elastic ends.
9. From the outside of the fabric, sew the seam allowance towards the back.
10.  Cut 3/4" elastic 14"-18" depending on the measurement of your baby. Sew the elastic ends together overlapping about 1/2".
11. Divide elastic into four equal parts. Divide the waist of the shorts/bloomers into four equal parts. Match up the four pins with the elastic on the inside.
12. Sew with a zigzag stitching onto the elastic attaching it to the shorts/bloomers. Fold the elastic and fabric over encasing the elastic inside the fabric. Sew with a zigzag stitch from the front about 3/4" from the edge.
The bloomers are adorable, but the shorts are even quicker. I love reusing hems; it makes sewing SO fast!
If you have an older girl you can get some inspiration for upcycled girl's capris over at Sew Thrifty.


  1. Need to print this off. I am getting a new niece this, and this summer and this will be the perfect gift, along with a couple of swaddle blankets!

  2. super cute, I have a pair on my baby just like this today!

  3. I could not figure out how to do the waistband gracefully as per your instructions, so I defaulted to my standby method. Simply adorable.


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