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Upcycled Baby Shoes: FREE Pattern!

I love making baby shoes. They're fast and cute, and Claire walks holes into them so quickly. To make them even quicker, you can reuse the hems of pants as casings. This makes them a half hour or less project! Use the most durable fabric you can find or even use vinyl or leather for the bottom piece. Unless your baby isn't walking. Then you can use whatever fabric you want!
Hems of pants - the more durable the better
Sewing supplies*
12" of 1/4" elastic*

1. Cut out pieces along the hem. Transfer markings to the fabric.
2. Cut two slits for elastic on hem allowance of the top piece.
3. Tack the cut ends of the hem stitching to keep it from coming undone.
4. Pin top piece to the bottom piece lining up the notches. Then pin the back piece to the bottom piece over the top lining up the notches.
5. Sew with a 1/8" all around the shoe. I sewed with a straight stitch and then with a zigzag stitch. Turn right side out.
6. Cut a 6" piece of elastic.
7. Use a safety pin to insert elastic through the back hem and up through the front two slits.
8. Sew the elastic together overlapping it about 1/2".
9. Do the same with the other shoe.

If you want to see another version, see some baby shoes over at Sew Thrifty!

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