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Sewing for Baby: DIY Fringe Baby Sandals

Claire has tiny feet and was in much need of some sandals. She's walked through two of her leather shoes already. It's gotten hot so instead of doing full shoes I altered my favorite free baby shoes pattern to be sandals. It's perfect because I am super specific about my babies sandals. I want them to be breathable, durable, and cover the toes. I know there are lots of cute baby sandals, but they never cover the toes. My two kids are busy and crazy and with uncovered shoes they rip their toes to shreds.
I added fringe around the ankle and fringe on the top. I did some cutouts on the sides for breathability. Then I added a top strap over the foot and a back strap on the center back. I love the elastic at the ankle because it keeps it on the foot even with all her craziness.
I did a double layer of leather for the soles. I really hope it'll last through the summer since she's wears them daily. I was going to make a pattern, but it turned into one of those make-it-work project.
She's adorable in her little sandals.
It's especially great for puddle jumping. Or just walking in the gutter streams. Unfortunately, the leather takes forever to dry. But I'd rather have these leather shoes that cover her toes than any other sandals.


  1. totally cute! and that wall... <3 :)

  2. I always hated the fact that you can never find sandals that COVER the kids toes. These are the perfect thing for little kids toes. Cause that way they never get scratched or scabbed. What a great idea!


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