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Me Made: White Linen Track Pants

As you know I want to love everything in my closet. Before I make anything new, I decided to "shop" my closet first. I picked some items out of my closet that I like, but don't love and could use some alterations. I decided to alter them to give them a chance of being worn. One of the first things I altered were my white linen pants. I thifted them and I love them, but even after lengthening them they weren't long enough. I kept pulling them down to make them long enough and pulling them up so they weren't so low on my waist.I rarely picked them out to wear them.
Me Made: DIY Refashion White Linen Joggers
I chopped them off, took out some of the width in the leg, and added a white cuff. They are SO comfortable and the casual, easy, sporty and bohemian vibe I was going for.
Me Made: DIY Refashion White Linen Joggers
When I first decided to alter them I was going to cuff them into capris. I started looking on Pinterest and saw cute linen capris, but none of them were me. Finally, I found linen track pants and found my answer for these pants. Now I want to wear them every week.
Me Made: DIY Refashion White Linen Joggers
I know that with young kids white isn't a great idea, but I truly love white. I truly love white. I do get them dirty with the kids, but they wash really well. If they do get stained, maybe I'll eventually dye them gray. Wouldn't they be so cute gray?
Me Made: DIY Refashion White Linen Joggers
Me Made: DIY Refashion White Linen Joggers
Here's to loving everything in my closet!

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  1. I have a pair of white linen pants that my friend thought I was crazy for thrifting. She kept telling me that they would get dirty. I love them, but the legs are so huge. I don't know if that was so they wouldn't show everything off or what. But I love what you did with yours. Now I think I will always prefer mine in pants form, but I am pinning this. A great idea to freshen up something you like but may not love. This is a great idea.
    A question. Did you use knit for the bottom? And I love your shirt. Did you purchase that? Or did you find the perfect fabric?


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