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White Linen Track Pants

As you know I want to love everything in my closet. Before I make anything new, I decided to "shop" my closet first. I picked some items out of my closet that I like, but don't love and could use some alterations. I decided to alter them to give them a chance of being worn. One of the first things I altered were my white linen pants. I thifted them and I love them, but even after lengthening them they weren't long enough. I kept pulling them down to make them long enough and pulling them up so they weren't so low on my waist.I rarely picked them out to wear them.
I chopped them off, took out some of the width in the leg, and added a white cuff. They are SO comfortable and the casual, easy, sporty and bohemian vibe I was going for.
When I first decided to alter them I was going to cuff them into capris. I started looking on Pinterest and saw cute linen capris, but none of them were me. Finally, I found linen track pants and found my answer for these pants. Now I want to wear them every week.
I know that with young kids white isn't a great idea, but I truly love white. I truly love white. I do get them dirty with the kids, but they wash really well. If they do get stained, maybe I'll eventually dye them gray. Wouldn't they be so cute gray?
Here's to loving everything in my closet!

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  1. I have a pair of white linen pants that my friend thought I was crazy for thrifting. She kept telling me that they would get dirty. I love them, but the legs are so huge. I don't know if that was so they wouldn't show everything off or what. But I love what you did with yours. Now I think I will always prefer mine in pants form, but I am pinning this. A great idea to freshen up something you like but may not love. This is a great idea.
    A question. Did you use knit for the bottom? And I love your shirt. Did you purchase that? Or did you find the perfect fabric?


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