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Me Made: Pompom Hi-Lo Top

I've decided to start going through the Wardrobe Architect series. It means I'm a lot more thoughtful in things that I make for myself. I'll share more once I get farther into the series if you're even interested. I made myself a simple hi-lo Henley with a pompom trim that I made using a pattern from the book She Wears the Pants. I liked almost all of the designs in the book, but I'm just not hipster and cool enough to wear most of them. I really enjoyed looking through all the pictures and designs. I loved the book, but I would recommend it to intermediate seamstresses since the instructions and pictures are a little sparse.
Me Made: Pompom Hi-Lo Top // DIY Sew
I decided on the boxy pompom top from the book. I loved the simplicity and the shape. I lengthened it by 10" and added a button placket to the front. I also added striped bias and pompom trim to all the edges. I used a really tiny pompom trim that I hated sewing with, but I love how it turned out. I used thrifted fabric. It's a gorgeous blue cotton woven that drapes really well.
Me Made: Pompom Hi-Lo Top // DIY Sew
I'm wearing DIY leggings that I wore all winter and have since shortened them into capris for the summer. This is a great top for the summer, and I think it'll be fun over a swimsuit. It's so soft and fluid.
Me Made: Pompom Hi-Lo Top // DIY Sew
The batteries in my camera remote died, and I haven't gotten new ones yet. The last couple of outfit posts, I have Henry stand on a chair and push the button. He makes the funniest faces while he's taking pictures which makes me laugh. He's is such a silly boy.

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  1. Love the simplicity of the shirt. I can see that one as being one I would pick time after time, because with a little bit of jewelry you would look so put together. But still so comfortable!
    I can't wait to hear how this wardrobe architect thing works. Do give details!
    And now to go look up that book.....:)


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