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Last summer I made Claire some leather baby shoes with bows. She was still so little and not crawling yet. She still had her baby hair mullet. She was chubby and my little baby. I was so excited for her to grow and wear the cute shoes. She was born with really tiny feet. I kept thinking her feet would grow, and she’d soon fit into these shoes. Well, her feet grew but didn’t grow quickly enough. She started crawling and walking early, so she needed something to protect her feet while we explored outside. I let her wear these shoes for protection and warmth even though they were too big. They were the only shoes that stayed on her feet. She wore them throughout the Fall and Winter, and they were perfect.

DIY Sew Leather Baby Bow Moccs: Growing Babies

She wore them so much that she walked toe holes into them. Now that I look at these I see that she’s moving past being a baby. She’s growing up. She’s exploring the world and her personality is beginning to shine. I’m nervous about her large amount of determination. The phrase “though she be but little she is fierce” fits her perfectly. I’m sad that she’s growing and that she’s not my little baby. But she gets more fun everyday. It’s such a bittersweet thing seeing kids grow up.

DIY Sew Leather Baby Bow Moccs: Growing Babies


Author: Heather