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Me Made: Lace Out and About Dress

I made myself an Easter dress to go along with the kid's Easter clothes. I had this beautiful blush stretch lace fabric that looked similar to the dress I upcycled for Claire's Easter dress. I used the Out and About Dress pattern. (The last one I made was a maxi dress.) I took out some of the width from the skirt and added flare. Each piece is lined with a thin teal jersey. It's a gorgeous fabric that's too thin to use by itself. It's the perfect light lining fabric for the lace. And it's gives the lace a great undertone. I also did a lace neckband which I hated while I sewed it because the knit neckband was really frustrating to sew. But I love how it turned out!
I didn't face the pockets so it's a nice pop of teal from the side. A dress with pockets: fantastic!
I really love this dress. It's so simple so I can wear it alone, but I can dress it up easily too. It's so comfortable and the skirt is swingy. It's been great to wear even though I'm finally getting around to posting it.
I think I've lost my curly hair. When I was a teenager I had pretty curly hair, and I loved it. I love the beachy, wavy look and really identify with it. I'm realizing now after two kids that my curly hair is straightening out. It doesn't defuse like it used to and it doesn't hold a curl like it used to. I'm okay with my hairstyle right now, but I'm constantly mourning my easy, curly hair.


  1. Love the teal pockets, great with the shoes!

  2. LOVE the dress. So gorgeous. And it looks so comfy.
    And being a hair dresser, lets just talk about that curly hair. I have curly hair. My cousin has top ramen curly hair. My hair after my 2nd baby went straighter. My cousin, I think it was after her first, but maybe it was her second, was constantly asked if she permed her hair because it grew in straight. I was really grateful after my third that my hair started to do curly again. Such a happy day. But in case baby #3 takes a while or it doesn't come back, there are some great hair products that you can use that help to amp up what is there of the curly hair.

  3. Cute dress! I also love your hair!!!


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