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Ishi Dress Pattern Review

A couple of weeks ago, An from StraightGrain Patterns asked for testers for her new pattern, the Ishi Dress Pattern. I jumped at the chance because I love her patterns. (I tested for her about a year ago; Claire was SO tiny!) She has a great, unique style and very professional patterns. The Ishi Dress pattern is no different. It's a dress with princess lines, short or long sleeves, and great big, fantastic pockets on the side. 
I used a white dotted fabric I found in the remnant bin at Joaans and silver fabric I thrifted a couple of weeks ago. My daughter is shorter than average so the dress is a little bit long, but it's such a cute dress.
I LOVE the curved princess lines. The dots and silver metallic is just perfect. There's also a invisible zipper up the back which is the best and makes it easy to get on and off.
Claire doesn't understand pockets yet, but she does love taking things out whenever I put something in them. I did the diagonal pockets. I can't wait until she gets a little bigger and can start filling up the pockets herself!
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  1. Ahh I am so in love with this dress. The simplicity. Beautiful fabrics. It makes her look so grown up, you know for a toddler. :) This is one pattern I am going to check out for my girls!

  2. Thank you so much, Heather, for making such a beautiful and cute Ishi! It was so great to have you as a tester!

  3. OH she is adorable :) I think she will start filling up those pockets all by herself in no time at all! Your dress is beautiful :)

  4. Love that dress! And that baby and her smile!

  5. Such a cute dress and such a cute baby!


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