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Superhero Hat

A couple of weeks ago I was at Joann's and found a superhero comic book print fabric in the remnant bin. Henry is wearing capes constantly so I decided to get it for him. When I first showed it to him he opened it up and laid it out on the floor. He loved it. He asked me every couple of days when I was going to make him something from it. So I decided to make him a simple sunhat for the summer.
I used a free child's sunhat pattern that was really simple and really quick to sew. I should've added interfacing to the cap part, but I just wanted to get it done and not use a lot of my interfacing. (I hate having to always buy more interfacing.)
Henry loves it and loves wearing it with his superhero capes. He says it adds to his superhero costume.
It doesn't cover his ears, but I like that it covers his face. I hope he wears it during the hot summer days to protect his face.

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