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A little while back my friend made some gifts for someone in her life that was going through something hard. She is so inspiring! I realized that my sister was going through a difficult student teaching semester and needed something to brighten her day. I was looking for simple things and something a seamstress would enjoy using. Then I packaged it up and mailed it to her. 

Simple Gift for a Fellow Seamstress

I gave her some thrifted fabric because what seamstress doesn’t LOVE unique fabric? The colors reminded me of my sister so that’s why I sent it. Then I made a simple stretch produce bag for her trips to a farmer’s market or using it at the beach for sandals. Lastly, I used a cute knit remnant to make her a pocket. She gets to sew it on a shirt meaning she gets a shirt that fits her and she gets the enjoyment of completing a project. For someone busy finishing a project feels like magic.

Simple Gift for a Fellow Seamstress
Want to know what my sister said about this gift?
“It came at the perfect and, and it made my day. I teared up a little. Just knowing that you were behind me in some of the hardest times and supported me to get through it. And you know me so well cuz I loved all of it.”


Author: Heather