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Sewn Easter Outfits

I planned on making Claire a dress for Easter that would look similar to one I wanted to make for myself. I didn't plan on making anything for Henry. I made him a suit in December for a wedding and thought he could wear that for Easter. Then I remembered some cool plaid fabric I had and decided on a whim to make Henry a blazer. They are the cutest siblings.
For Henry I used the Canaan's Incredible Blazer pattern. It's a great blazer pattern. I used some fabric that was given to me. I had just enough to match most of the plaid at the seams. I cut it all out and then found that I forgot to cut out the collars. So I had to piece together the collar, and it turned out alright. I used real leather for the elbow patches and bright blue buttons. I did a size 4 height and a size 2 width, and it fits him perfectly. There's even extra length in the sleeves to let it out if his arms grow a lot longer. He's wearing mama made skinny jeans and his moon shirt.
For Claire I used one of my dresses to refashion. It's a blush aztec-woven lace fabric and it's gorgeous. I used the free Carolina Dress pattern. I made it into short sleeves and made it shorter because Claire is short. It's a little too short now, but it can always become a shirt in the future. The neckline is a little too deep, but she wears a onesie under it. She's wearing it with mama made white leggings and a thrifted fur vest.

I love these cuties and they sure do love each other. 

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  1. I love Henry's facial expressions in these pictures. So fabulous! And that little dress is so adorable, especially with those shoes. Well done. You sure have some lucky kids. :)


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