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Scarf to Tunic and Dotted Leggings

I had an idea to cut up an old scarf to reuse the tassel end as a pretty detail. Tassels are so fun! So I found a scarf I wasn't using. and realized the free Mexican Blouse Pattern would be perfect. I decided To use the tassels on the sleeves instead of on the hem, but it could've gone either way.
It's still way too big on Claire even though it's a 12-18 mos size. I really love the tassel sleeves and can't wait until she grows into it. It'll be perfect and light for the summer.
I laid out the scarf with the sleeves along the ends, and the bodice and skirt in the center of the scarf.
 It totally falls off her shoulders when she wears it. I also made some simple capri leggings out of a shirt sleeve. I used the free baby leggings pattern.


  1. What a fun way to use a scarf that is too pretty to get rid of!


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