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Sewing for Kids: Hats

I finished a lot during KCW and at the end I just decided to sew up a bunch of hats for the kids. All just for fun. I made two animal ear bonnets, an astronaut helmet, and a sunhat. They turned out so adorable! I love making hats and seeing them on my kids. Henry is pretty good at keeping hats on, and I'm teaching Claire to keep them on.
Sewing for Kids: DIY Hats
The two black hats were made using a free animal bonnet pattern. I made both the cat hat which Henry thinks is a bat and the bunny hat which Henry thinks is a dog. I'm glad the hats can be different animals. It's great for dressing up. I didn't use any interfacing but instead used fusible fleece and all the pieces to make them soft. It makes the hats warmer which isn't great for summer, but it's nice for colder Spring days and playing dress up inside.
Sewing for Kids: DIY Hats
I used a peach skin remnant (from this shirt) as lining and the metallic black fabric is a remnant from this dress. It was the only black fabric I had and the metallic dots make it extra fun.
Sewing for Kids: DIY Hats
I used Sewing Rabbit's free scalloped sunhat pattern for the sunhat. I made the 12 mos size, but it is huge on Claire. At least I know it will do well to cover whole head and face. And I won't have to make another one anytime soon. It'll be perfect for playing outside this summer. I cut up a chambray shirt and didn't add any interfacing because I wanted to hat to be really soft and cool. It is floppy, but I'm glad I didn't add any interfacing.
Sewing for Kids: DIY Hats
I used the animal bonnet as a starting point and altered the pattern to make a white helmet. Henry loves pretending to go to space so it's a very loose interpretation of an astronaut helmet. I used some remnant white vinyl, the rest of the black metallic fabric, and some remnant white metallic silver dotted quilting cotton. I was going for metallic to look like metal or like space and starts. When I finished he ran into is tent which he pretends is his spaceship and started his countdown to blast off. I'm guessing that's a sign that he likes it!
Sewing for Kids: DIY Hats

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  1. So fun. It is funny to watch their imaginations just take an object and see what they make it into! I think you found some real winners here!


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