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I’ve been wanting some cute Ikat fabric for a looooooong time. I’ve been searching everywhere for Ikat fabric that I like and that isn’t too pricey. Then Teresa from Dandelion Drift posted about a dress that she sewed from Target sheets. It was the answer to my long search. Why had I never thought of buying sheets for fabric? I do it at thrift stores all the time. Anyway, I copied her, but I decided to make a button up shirt instead.

Me Made: Ikat Button-Up Shirt

The fabric was great to work with. It has a good weight without being too stiff. I really love the navy and white combination. I’m only worried about the color fading quickly. Hopefully it fades tastefully. I was really proud of my pattern matching. The pocket almost blends in except for the topstitching and the matching along the front button placket is basically perfect.
I used the long sleeve blouse pattern from Burdastyle. I made the torso longer and lengthened the sleeves. I was surprised and how well I liked the fit without any alterations once it was put together.
I love wearing it by itself since it speaks well alone. But I’m preppy at heart and often wear it under a sweater. I’d wear button up shirts and sweaters while mixing patterns everyday if I could.

Me Made: Ikat Button-Up Shirt

This is technically my mock-up because I got some pretty dotted chambray for Christmas that I’m planning on making next. The fit turned out great with my flat pattern alterations, but I’m going to make a couple more alterations before I cut into my nice fabric.

If you’ve ever used a Burdastyle pattern you know how limited the instructions are. I was able to do all of the construction easily by myself except for the sleeve placket. I couldn’t remember the construction from that last one I did on a button up shirt over five years ago. I was too lazy to look it up online to figure out how to do it, so I just did a simple continuous bound placket. It was a little fidgety, but it worked. I think for the next one I do I’ll do a better sleeve placket.

Me Made: Ikat Button-Up Shirt


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