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Baby Cat Romper

I'm joining in Kid's Clothes Week. I love it! I love that everyone is sewing together and inspiring each other. I love knowing that the craziness at my house is also going on in other people's houses. I have a bunch of things to finish that I can't show you for awhile, but I also wanted to make some things that are just fun. So I made Claire a little cat romper. In these pictures there aren't any eyes yet, but I have since added some.
Claire loves cats, and she kind of acts like a cat. I used linen left over from the bunny Easter baskets. It's fully lined with a really soft cotton. I used a self drafted shorts pattern and then just raised it up for the bodice with a cat shape at the top. There is elastic at the hem, the waist and the top in the back. I had to use the seam ripper somewhat while I was making it since I made it up, but it finally turned out. I was really worried that it wouldn't fit, but it's just perfect. Purrfect.
It fits her so well. She loves having a cat on her tummy, and she often looks down and points at it. It was perfect for running around and playing everywhere.

She just saw the neighbor's cat and pointed. She follows the cat around all day.


  1. Love it!! So fun seeing what everyone is making this week!

  2. That's so cute! I'll have to watch instagram, I'm curious how they eyes turned out. Claire is getting so big, these pictures remind me of baby H!!

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  4. So perfect. had one when I was little, but it was a cat faced bib, on overalls. Funny cause my initals as a kid were KAT. And I hate cats. :) She is adorable!

  5. Darling! With any luck I'll be using your romper pattern to make something for the baby.


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