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Me Made: Make All the V-Neck Tees

I decided to make all the v-neck tees for myself. I just wanted to buff up my closet basics. So I made an aqua graphic tee, a pink lace tee, and a heather brown half-sleeve tee. Basics are great for the days I basically want to wear pajamas, but look somewhat put together.
I used the Union St. Tee pattern (affiliate link) by Hey June for all the shirts. It's a great pattern. I didn't to any alterations to the pattern for the pink and brown shirt. They are pretty straight forward. The aqua one I did cuffs on the sleeves and the hem because it's faster and gives it a different look.
For the graphic I used Delia's free Makers Gonna Make printable. I used a freezer paper stencil and changed the letters slightly so they'ed be easier to cut out. Then I sponged some paint on, but I wanted it to look kind of faded to I didn't do it perfectly. It's faded slightly after washing and now it looks exactly like I want it. I love it!
Great for layering and for wearing alone.


  1. I love all three of those. 3/4 sleeves are my favorite, and the fabric of the pick is lovely.

  2. Love all three. And I love the fact that they are all great basics. And I love a basic that helps me to look put together and still feel like I am in pjs. Well done. And thanks for sharing a great pattern. I am going to have to check that one out. :)

  3. Oh yeah, and your shoes. So cool!


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