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Ideas for Switching Up Basic Patterns

I really love a great, basic pattern. A pattern with a great shape that is a base for lots of different alterations and looks. Here are some ideas of things you can do to switch up your favorite basic pattern. 
When sewing for myself I like to sew it at least once without any changes to figure out the construction and see if I like the fit and style. Like my first striped perri pullover.
Add two pockets: Then I decided to add two leather pockets to the front near the hem of this striped perri pullover.
Switch up the sleeves: I changed the sleeves of this perri pullover to raglan sleeves and shortened them to half sleeves. I also eliminated the side pockets and left off the hem band.
Add princess seams to the front and back bodice: I wanted to use both sides of the terry knit so I added straight seams down the front and back. I love the style lines that it adds to the shape of this gray perri pullover.
Add something to the front: I added a giant heart to this cozy, long sweatshirts.
Change the neckline: Instead of a neckband I added a simple turtle neck that doesn't foldover. It's a basic raglan sweatshirt, but it keeps me really warm.
Colorblock the sleeves: Cut the sleeve pattern in half horizontally and switch up the fabric for a cool colorblocked sleeve look. It's great to break up the floral sweatshirt.
Pockets and Colorblocking: Cut the sleeve in half vertically and switch up the fabric. Add a matching pocket to the front. I really dresses up a floral sweatshirt.
Here's a basic little black dress with no pattern alterations. 
Add a button placket to the front: It gives this navy swiss dot dress interest and makes the dress nursing friendly. I really love the look of a front button placket.
Shorten it: It's very simple but shortening a dress into a shirt can make a huge difference. I still really love this silk shirt.
Add leather tabs: I shortened it again and added leather tabs to the sleeves and hem to this polka dots and leather staple shirt.
Add a peter pan collar and keyhole: Dress up a basic shortened dress with a colorful peter pan collar and a keyhole in the back. I really love the loose style of this top.
Change the whole pattern: This isn't a simple change, but I used the basic dress top to amke a crossover surplus style. Then I added two half circle skirts to the bodice to make the perfect striped and floral surplus dress.
What's your favorite basic pattern? What changes do you like to make to patterns?

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  1. I use the Skipper top for my girls all the time. I have color blocked it, left off the bands, made the bands small on the arms and the waist. That seems to be the most easy shirt pattern to do stuff too. And still get a fairly consistent shirt out of it. I will say that I mainly sew shirts/tops/dresses for my kids as I am too lazy/too much to do to sew pants. I'll thrift/yard sale to find the kids pants and shoes. For me the shirt pattern I reach for most often is the Seafarer top. It is pretty basic, and flatters my figure so It is one I go to time after time. I have others, I just don't reach for them like I do this one. The last time I branched out and tried something new I hated the results. :)


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