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Easter Egg Tree and Branch Painting: Involving Kids in Decorating

I've mentioned in the past that I have some German ancestry and grew up with some German traditions. As I've started decorating and choosing traditions for my own family, I've realized that I want to keep a lot of the same traditions and I'm drawn to German traditions and decorating without realizing it. For example, I don't like most Easter decorations that you can buy or make. I've really struggled to find some Easter decorations that I like. 
Well, I remember growing up that my mom always decorated with an Easter egg tree. This year she gave me all of her Easter eggs to decorate with and I decided to let Henry paint some of the branches. He loved painting and it made him feel included in decorating for Easter.
First, we went outside and found a bunch of sticks that we could hang the eggs on. It was really fun to gather sticks together. Most were a pretty light color, but some were dark and didn't coordinate well. So I put a "smock" (large tee shirt) on Henry, covered our table, put some acrylic paint out and let him go to town. I ended up helping him because he wasn't great at covering the whole branch. It was really fun to paint together.
After the paint dried I arranged all the branches in a vase and hung up the pretty egg ornaments. Henry loves seeing his painted branches every time he walks by.
It's right in the entry and it also makes me happy every time I see it. I love the history and nostalgia of the eggs paired with the branches painted by my son. I love seeing a juxtaposition of new and old and including Henry is our family traditions even if it's in a small way.
Some of the eggs are very simple but others are ornate and beautifully painted. They are made from paper, wood, and there are even little figures.
What Easter traditions to you like to do with your children!

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