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DIY Mint Crib Skirt

Since we moved into a bigger apartment the kids are in separate rooms, but I haven't done any decorating because eventually we will move the kids into the same room. I'm planning on making them an explorer adventure oasis room and using the colors navy, turquoise, and coral. Or something like that. We'll see how inspired I am, and how much drive I have when that time comes. So I am starting to slowly work on a couple of projects before we put them together. The first one is a crib skirt. 
Home Decor: DIY Mint Crib Skirt
I thrifted a gorgeous mint twin sheet a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to make a a dress, but realized it would be perfect for Claire's crib. I made a crib skirt and a baby sheet which isn't pictured because I want to wash it before she sleeps on it. For the crib skirt I cut a piece of fabric the size of the mattress and then gathered the mint fabric onto three sides. I don't care about the length changing when I raise or lower the mattress. I just wanted to get it done.
Home Decor: DIY Mint Crib Skirt
And a couple of faces of the silly girl in her cute bed. The curtain is a tablecloth from Ikea and the reupholstered chair you can read about here.
Home Decor: DIY Mint Crib Skirt

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  1. I keep saying I need to make one too... but I never do =(


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