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Sewing for the Boy: Moto Inspired Pants Upcycle

This is the very last make of KCW which I'm finally blogging. (Sometimes taking pictures is the only thing that holds me back from blogging.) As you can see, I didn't really pose or style Henry. This is all real, superhero cape and all. I upcycled some of my husband's tan pants to make some nicer casual pants for Henry. I love being able to use the fly front from RTW pants. He can wear them to play, but he can also wear them to dressier events. I used the Tree Climber Trousers pattern because I love it and because the pattern was ready to be used. Once I piece and tape and cut out a pattern, if it fits well I will make the pattern 294,857 times. 
I made the knees extra strong, so they should last a long time. On the knees I did a layer of the tan fabric, a layer of interlock, and a layer of quilting cotton, and then I did some quilting stitches every inch horizontally. They have strength and a bit of cushion. I added some cool chevron quilted cotton in the pocket facings. It's the same cotton on the inside of the knees. I also reused the back pockets and made them smaller for these pants. I really like the look of the top hem that I just can't recreate.
Henry loves these pants. He likes how they keep his knees "safe."

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  1. It is very important to keep one's knees safe :) Oh he is so cute in his cool pants and a superhero cape!


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