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Me Made: More Pleated Pencil Skirts

I have had these two pencil skirts cut out since last October. They just kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list or I lost my motivation to make them. But I finally finished them. I used the Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern by Delia Creates. I've made this pattern before and this time I did a couple of alterations to make it fit me perfectly.
I used a thrifted charcoal gray herringbone fabric. I had to kind of piece together the waistband and switch the grainline, but I love how it turned out. From far away it just looks like a charcoal skirt so it's the perfect basic. I really love the center back pleat of this pattern. It's unique and cute.
My sister gave me this beautiful fabric for my birthday, and now I get to wear it as a cute skirt. She made a great blazer with it and was kind enough to give me the leftovers. (Only fabric lovers love getting leftover fabric, right?) The fabric is a floral jacquard with coral and ivory.
I just love wearing pencil skirts. They make me feel so feminine.
I did really struggle with the zipper. I installed an invisible zipper twice and it still didn't work. The fabric frays so easily, so I couldn't keep seam ripping the fabric. The fabric was too thick at the waistband so it kept breaking the zipper. To fix it and make it actually possible to zip on and off I just cut out the invisible zipper. Then I just sewed a basic ivory zipper on top of the seam. It looks like an exposed zipper even though it wasn't originally planned that way.
I have had this outfit planned since I first made this polka dot shirt and had the skirt cut out next to it. I just love the contrast and play on the patterns. Sorry, I didn't put the outfits on. The kids have been sick and not napping very well or too well, so it's just the clothes today. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the boho feel of the pattern-on-pattern. Would you ever consider doing an ombré to the shirt
    Just wondering :)

    -Anastasia Ivy


    1. I have never thought of ombreing the shirt, great idea!

  2. Gorgeous fabric, great skirts. I love that the one has a pattern but looks neutral. Totally my style of skirt. Looks like this is one pattern I should pick up.


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