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KCW Day 4: Cardigan Romper and Arrow Shirt

I've wanted to make Claire a long sleeve long pants romper since she was a baby. First, she was too tiny, then it was too warm, then I had too many other sewing projects. But I finally made it! I used one of my old cardigans. I love the bright blue even though she's a girl. It really brings out her eyes.
The sleeves are too wide at the wrists which I need to go back and fix. I cut out a little almond shape for the crotch but lost it somewhere while cutting it out. I had to use something else so I used a small piece of striped stretch terry cloth. I love the little pop of stripes.
Here's Henry's arrow shirt. I think this is my favorite make of the week. But so far I'm really happy with all of them. It's so fun to just go along with whatever whim of inspiration I have instead of following a to-do list.
He was a bit grumpy for these pictures. Cutie.


  1. LOVE the arrow shirt. I need to get making one for my little man. And the romper is so fun. Perfect for this crazy weather we have been having.

  2. Oh I adoro that arrow shirt. My boy has blue eyes too and I want to put blue clothes on him on a daily basis (though I don't, actually)... it really brights up their eyes. Claire looks so comfy and cosy!


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