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KCW Day 3: A Bunny Hat and a Sailor Shirt

I did some more cutting today and not much sewing, but I did manage to make an adorable hat for Claire. I saw a knitted baby bunny hat on pinterest and tried to replicate it with an old sweater. I did line it with fleece to keep it really soft and warm inside. I traced a hood of one of Claire's jacket for the pattern. It makes it look kind of like a helmet, but I know it will keep her head and neck warm with a little growing room. The hat is fastened under the chin with velcro which Claire can pull apart and take off her hat. Then she just tries to put it back on.
I think the ears are a little too far back, but I still love it. And there's no way I'm unpicking them and moving them. I really, really enjoy making animal inspired clothing for my kids.
And here are so great pictures of Henry wearing is sailor shirt. I'm really happy with how this shirt turned out. Henry likes it, but always asks me wear the eyes of the whale are. I guess he doesn't understand art expression yet. At least he still likes to wear it! (He's wearing his hudson pants.)
Boy, do I love this little boy. His eyes and hair kill me every time. Along with his facial expressions and constant energy.
You can see the wound on his chin is healing up really nicely. Now I just have to constantly put sunscreen on it to keep it from discoloring.

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  1. Mmmm, I actually like the ears right where you placed them. =D


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